1. dirtykarissa:


    Nice girls give anal once a year and say it’s a special present. Nympho sluts do it daily, and say they want more, more, more.

    It’s true


  2. Women should wear butt plugs when they aren’t getting fucked in the ass, to remind them of their assholes and always keep them in their thoughts, and to keep themselves ready for sex.

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  3. assandcum:

    Don’t say “Fuck Me”.

    Open your legs wide and say “use the hole you want”


  4. The classiest way to fuck.

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  5. gettingstuffed:

    I downloaded this scene the other day. It takes a special love of being full to transform your ass the way Roxy has… They’re doing the typical porn thing where they’re all participating, but then when Roxy want it in, she takes matters into her own hands and just mashes her ass down on it. Such a selfish hungry little butt slut.
    But, when you need something done right, you’ve gotta do it yourself right?

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  6. assandcum:

    Real men use both side of their girls : ass and face


  7. The anus is a woman’s real fuckhole.

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  8. Denying yourself anal sex is denying yourself pleasure.

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  9. assandcum:

    You know you’re a real slut when :

    You say “don’t put your dick in the wrong hole”, you mean “don’t put your dick in my pussy, I want it deep in my ass”


  10. submrs:

    And once he was done cumming, Sir would put my plug back in and send me to continue with my day, asshole filled and used.

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