1. texanchik:

    Anal ( my true love with my true love)


  2. jemgirl77:


    "Holy fuck, this feels incredible. Those lying bitches told me it would hurt like hell. I bet they’ve never even tried anal before."

    It does feel good. I’ve done it. Love her face. 

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  3. worthlesscuntslut:

    stuffed again. what an anal slut I’m becoming (and it’s just the beginning!)


  4. bigbadballs:

    Toe curlingly good anal

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  5. love2cumdaily:

    anal is lovely


  6. She doesn’t let guys use her pussy anymore because it turns her on a lot more to be an anal only girl. So whenever she’s with multiple guys, they have to take turns between her ass and her mouth only.

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  7. There is little better than having a woman who enjoys anal sex as much or more than you.

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  8. nastynymphosluts:

    Twenty years ago babes ran in terror at the mere mention of anal sex. Now they have a tough time finding dildos big enough to satisfy their 3-hole desires.


  9. assandcum:

    Don’t say : “I’m going to relax in a bath”

    Say : “I’m in the bath, would you relax my asshole ?”


  10. Her life just isn’t complete without a cock up her ass at least once a day.

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