1. She had tried for years to squirt, only to discover that the solution was in an entirely different hole.

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    There’s nothing unnatural about wanting to enjoy the ultimate in sexual pleasure. Join the anal only lifestyle.

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    In the privacy of peoples homes everywhere, a scene liked this is being repeated as the popularity of anal sex continues to rise and that of vaginal declines.

    I love this good word. May anal become sex for pleasure and vaginal be used strictly for reproduction. #pussysucks

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    Now it has lost its taboo, most people will readily admit to preferring anal. It’s just a matter of time before more people fuck ass than pussy.


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    I wonder where she wants the cock? Don’t you think the way she looks at the camera and plays with her ass is amazing?


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    Dildo up her ass on a park bench in the middle of town, so very hot!


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    Playing with yourself where or when you aren’t supposed to is such a thrill!

    Especially when it’s your ass you’re playing with! xx


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    Look at her cheeky smile, showing how happy she is taking a cock deep in her ass. 


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    Guys, if we keep spreading our ass, it means we want you to keep fucking it ;)


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    This girl has some serious ass talent. I mean, I thought I was good at anal but look how deep she can take that aerosol can!

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