1. She wanted to have sex, but didn’t want to go onto birth control and risk losing her libido, so she decided to try anal. Now she doesn’t even care that she can’t have vaginal sex and is seriously considering remaining a vaginal virgin for life.

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  2. analk1ng:

    Nothing puts a smile on a girls face like anal sex.

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  3. She wouldn’t have guessed that anal could feel this amazing, without even have to touch her pussy.

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  4. txperv:

    Anal Makes Her Smile 

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  5. pussyeatinbuttfuckin:

    "Wait: so this can’t get me pregnant and I’ll have deeper orgasms? Why didn’t anyone tell me about this before!"


  6. taratheslut:

    When a thick dick pushes into my ass, my brain sort of shuts off.

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  7. suckingbigwood:

    If girls weren’t meant to get ass-fucked then why does it feel so good to stuff a cock in there?

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  9. hirevkev:

    stackable…and oh so packable!

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  10. It’s a good woman who is confident enough in her preference of her anus over her vagina to tell her partner she wants to forgo vaginal sex entirely and only get fucked in the ass.

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