1. kinghut:

    Anal is the new Blowjob

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  2. aslaveobeyss:

    Instead of being a good girl at school as I had planned, I had my favorite panties torn open so my ass could be used!


  3. aslaveobeyss:

    Finally got it all the way in!


  4. aslaveobeyss:

    New training! I’m not allowed to touch my pussy until I get that brush all the way in my ass


  5. aslaveobeyss:

    I tried four fingers in my ass for the first time the other day so here’s a terrible gif of that


  6. wheelintheskype:

    You’ll love feeling your ass getting stretched…

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  7. aslaveobeyss:

    Since I get so many questions about ass tasting here’s me tasting my own

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  8. The first time she felt a thick cock slide in through her tight asshole, she was hooked and knew she’d need to keep feeling that forever.

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  9. femaleasslover:

    peek a boo, I wanna buttfuck you

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    I love the feeling of his hot cum leaking out of my freshly fucked asshole

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