1. Exactly how every woman should be after sex: with a tight, unused cunt and a well-fucked, gaping asshole.

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  2. deep-and-lovely said: Another reason its hard to find women who like AND admit to liking anal sex is because society still views it as demeaning. It happens a lot here too. Anal pictures and gifs are often accompanied by agressive, humiliating comments. I understand that this is a fetish for a lot of people, and I respect that. It simply saddens me how much it overlaps with anal, because we can't have a world where anal is normal and taboo free, AND a guilty, kinky secret pleasure at the same time.

    Agreed, to a point. I think there’s totally a place for such comments, but they shouldn’t be the only view of anal out there. With this blog I try to maintain a mix of the multiple approaches to anal and anal only out there, especially the fact that it’s possible for people to simply love and prefer it because it feels better or turns them on to only use their asshole for pleasure. But there are so many approaches to anal sex that I like to feature others as well—with the exception of ones which treat it like something humiliating, totally degrading, painful or otherwise unpleasant.


  3. She was born to use her asshole and mouth to please cock.

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  4. Your asshole is for fucking. Your cunt serves no purpose at all. Don’t fuck it, don’t play with it, don’t so much as touch it during sex. Focus all your attention on your asshole and train yourself to cum anally, or else you don’t get to cum at all.

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  5. whores-bible:

    Pound her throat and shit hole and ignore her worthless cunt. This is the proper way to use a whore.

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  6. Anonymous said: Why is it sooo hard to find a woman that loves anal sex? My last girlfriend of 3 years craved it and now that's all I crave!

    Many women have either had bad experiences with a partner who didn’t know what they were doing and caused her pain, or they’ve heard stories from other people about the same. In general, a woman who experiences anal done properly and discovers the pleasure that can come from it will want to do it again. Not everyone will want to exclusively have anal sex, but most people who enjoy it will want it as a regular part of their sex life.


  7. assandcum:

    When she discovers that she’s into anal too


  8. giadonna:

    I love it!


  9. straightmaleanalerotic:

    A woman’s anus is one of her loveliest parts. Licking that sweet ring of puckered muscle is a man’s delight.


  10. Anal sex is art.

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