1. jordynsixxx:

    Mmmmm it felt so amazing when you fingered my ass..
    Got my legs spread wide, fantasizing that it’s your fingers I’m feeling in my ass right now


  2. Years before, the two of them had confided in each other that they both enjoyed anal masturbation and that it could make them cum more than anything vaginal. Soon after, they dared each other to stay vaginal virgins and only take cock in their ass. Before long, when they started getting fucked by boys this way and realizing how much they loved it, this became a serious lifelong pact.

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  3. assandcum:

    Yes, you can have orgasm with nothing in or on your vagina.


  4. nastynymphosluts:

    Nympho sluts are very efficient. They always make sure their 3-hole is ready for its next cock.


  5. A Note Regarding Kik and Unsolicited Dick Pics

    Approximately a month ago, I created a kik account (analsexonly) and posted it here. I’ve gotten contacted by a number of nice people who have interesting things to say or good questions to ask regarding anal sex, and I appreciate hearing from those people very much. However, I’ve also gotten a lot of less appealing messages, whether they be unsolicited dick pics (so many dicks) or people trying to hook up with me without knowing anything about me or where I am.

    So, to clear things up a bit for those who haven’t followed long enough to figure things out: I am a straight male. I am not female. I do not want to hook up with you. I do not want unsolicited dick pics, and I will not be soliciting them.

    Finally, to anyone who sends unsolicited dick pics to other people, consider this my request to think about what you’re doing (and then stop doing it). Almost no one wants to see them. There’s nothing wrong with dick pics if someone asks for them or says it’s okay to send them, but never send them unsolicited. That’s the online equivalent of going up to someone and flashing your junk at them. It’s not okay. It’s also probably generally not a great idea to assume someone online is a particular gender if they haven’t said anything to indicate one way or the other.

    If you’re not someone who wants to spam people with pictures of your dick but are someone who wants to discuss anything about anal sex, however, feel free to contact me any time on kik (analsexonly) or send me an ask here.


  6. submrs:

    Just another soccer mom on the way to pick up her kids from school.  No one would ever guess my naughty little secret….except for maybe one of the dads checking out my ass while his wife isn’t looking.  ;) ~submrs~


  7. After a man gets a taste of what good anal sex is really like, he loses interest in vaginal sex and only wants to fuck ass from then on. And for good reason: it’s immeasurably better—tighter, grippier, better textured, more visually appealing, and more primal. The vagina simply cannot compare to the superiority of the anus.

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  8. nastynymphosluts:

    When you see a babe grinding a cock that hard with her ass it’s a pretty good sign that she’s capable of having anal orgasms, and is in the mood to enjoy a few.


  9. kinkismyantidrug:

    If my body wasn’t designed for anal sex, why does it feel so good?

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  10. jordynsixxx:

    I love a guy who appreciates his woman for giving him deep throat blowjobs and anal sex…
    A woman will do it gladly as long as he lets her take the lead ❤