1. assandcum:

    Don’t say : “Fuck me like you want” when you bend over.

    No, just say :”Fuck my ass”.

    It’s way hotter and show us that you’re the kind of slut we love


  2. submrs:

    I rarely leave home without plugging my ass. It is a great reminder of Sir’s ownership and has the added benefit of keeping my asshole ready for his cock.

    Now that my ass is filled, I’m off to walk the dog. I wonder if I might pass by any of your houses? ;)


  3. nastynymphosluts:

    Nympho sluts laugh at girls who make such a big deal about giving up first-date anal.


  4. becoming-a-whore:

    What’s better than a cock filling your cunt? It’s two cocks filling everything else and denying your cunt.

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  5. love2cumdaily:

    Love seeing a girl enjoy anal


  6. Warmup is always important.

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  7. kinghut:

    Nothing sexier than a girl showing off her dripping gape

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  8. bigbadballs:

    'And now I'm supposed to take it in my mouth?'

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  9. extremesexandcigarettes:

    Wrecked or tight, butt-holes are my favourite.

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  10. seekr69:

    For the love of anal!!